COVID-19 Support as You Prepare for Learning Gaps

Instructional Growth Re-Entry Support is Available

This fall will be a new experience for all of us. We must enter this phase with a plan for re-entry. Considering the missed school days, there will undoubtably be a gap in learning. Not only will we need to immediately identify learning slides and gaps, but we will need an accelerated intervention plan to get our students back on track with grade level expectations and standards.

  • Re-entry plans must be in place before students return to learning
  •  Gap analysis for standards presumably taught spring of 2020 must be completed before students return to learning
  • Diagnostic data will be used to immediately target interventions
  • Get students back to grade level standards as efficiently as possible
  • Track progress and levels of understanding for grade each level standard

Contact Carri today, and start planning for tomorrow.