School Improvement Specialist and Consultant


Carri Meek, MA Ed.

Carri Meek is an instructional specialist with over 24 years of educational experience including, classroom, administrative, consulting and national speaking.  Carri is a versatile and dynamic presenter who is committed to helping today’s instructional leaders make key connections to improve teacher instruction and maximize student success.  She is the founder and CEO of Instructional Growth Seminars & Support, providing and planning unique professional development, video courses and coaching for administrators and teachers working on long-term change efforts.  Carri’s educational experience and activism has ignited significant change in schools across the nation. While locally, her practical knowledge and understanding of OIP work has contributed to more efficient collaborations, data based conversations and instructional growth across Ohio. 

Carri Meek received her undergraduate degree from Kent State University 1991 and administrative master's degrees from Ashland University 1997.  Licensed : K-8 Educator, K-8 Principal,  K-12 Curriculum., and Assistant Superintendent.


Instructional Growth Seminars and Support offers a variety of specialized seminars and support plans to assist school leaders across the United States. The firm’s services include professional development seminars, customized visitations, instructional audits, individual and team goal setting, classroom support and coaching.  Instructional Growth sustained support model helping administrators and educators develop the targeted strategies needed to help their schools and districts reach new levels of achievement. 

Instructional Growth seminars and services can be scheduled without the need for staff release days; we work with schools to find creative ways to best leverage time and funding resources during the school day.